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11. July 2015

Every time I write about The Infinite Monkey Cage, the brilliant science-comedy radio show from Brian Cox and Robin Ince, I begin with “I can’t believe I missed it again!” and this time will be no exception because I really hadn’t noticed that the first new episode has already been online since Monday! Those are the live shows that were recorded earlier this spring during their US tour, so they are going to be even livelier and sillier than before. There will be five more episodes, broadcast each Monday on BBC Radio 4 and afterwards the extended versions will be available on the web as usual – which is the better way to listen to the episodes.

Note that the podcast website has been completely revamped and although the runtime always says 30 minutes, these are still the extended podcast versions and not the truncated half-hour radio broadcasts. The archives have also now been extended to the previously unavailable series 1 and 2, so now you can download all the episodes from the beginning on or catch them with your favourite podcasting software on your phone or tablet. And of course there’s also the wonderfully funny title song for the series that Eric Idle recorded some time ago!

I can only highly recommend this show – Brian Cox and Robin ince are utterly funny and their guests are always fantastic. Besides, it’s even educational, despite most shows ending up somewhere completely different than they originally started – but that’s just the fun of it. As usual, major English listening skills and a healthy curiosity about science are required, but it’s actually quite easy to listen to. And, of course, if you like Brian Cox and/or Robin Ince, you’re in for a very special treat. (Note: I wrote the last paragraph for the previous posts about the series, but why write something new when there’s something perfectly okay available to recycle?)

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