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24. December 2020

I’d like to wish all family, friends, regular readers, commenters and all other visitors Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas, A Happy New Year or any other Holiday Greetings you prefer! As usual, I prefer Happy Newtonmas because Isaac Newton was born on December 25th, but I’m very democratic in that respect and let everyone celebrate the the holiday they like.

2020 was… crazy beyond belief, and that’s perhaps still an understatement. How to describe it? The year started quiet and nice in January, began to get strange in February and in March literally all hell broke loose! I don’t think anyone had the Corona Virus on their 2020 bingo cards, but that’s what’s been dominating this year all the way non-stop. Back in February, which now seems like a lifetime ago, everyone was still joking about that new virus, but then it all became quite literally deadly serious – and now we’re back in the second ‘hard’ lockdown right in time for the Christmas season!

The strangest thing is that for myself 2020 turned out quite well, with a good new job that came around despite the pandemic and everyone in my family still healthy. I even made it safely and carefully to Berlin over the holidays – we’ve taken every precaution and the train ride was not even remotely crowded, so there was no chance of cross-infection from Mülheim to Berlin. Of course the weather is rainy and grey instead of snowy and bright so there’s no reason to go out, but I’m sure I’ll e able to do at least a little photography around here soon. Maybe I’ll even get around to write something for this blog as well, who knows?

But as always, I’m still posting my usual round of daily photos over on my Photography Blog and you can also follow me on TwitterFacebook and of course Instagram abd I’m also still crossposting my usual things on MeWe these days.

Have a nice end-of-year holiday, everyone – I’ll see you all around the Internets at some point or other! :-)


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