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26. June 2014

When the Curiosity Rover arrived on Mars in 2012, I had put together a collection of useful links about the Mars missions, which I still frequently use. The reason for the list was to provide all the information without having to write constantly about the Mars missions myself, something which others are doing in a much better way. I have occasionally written articles about NASA and the Mars missions since then, but even today most of these links are still valid and absolutely essential if you want to keep up with what’s going on on Mars. This is the third edition of the link list, this time a little more compact and streamlined because I removed some non-essential and defunct links.

NASA Websites – The official sources
Mars Science Laboratory @ JPL – The most important, always up-to-date site
Mars Science Laboratory Raw Images – Everything the rover cameras deliver
Mars Science Laboratory @ NASA – NASAs Curiosity website with sometimes different content
NASA Main Page – Not only Mars news, but still a great resource
NASA Television – Live stream of the current program
NASA Television @ Youtube – NTV’s video archive

Other Websites – The inofficial ones often do it much better
Universe Today – Simply the best resource not only for Mars, but all things space
Universe Today @ Youtube – All the videos from UT including the hangouts
Planetary Society Blog – Emily Lakdawalla’s detailed reporting
Curiosity Rover Images – Better overview of the raw images including an RSS-Feed
• Midnight Planets – Another browser for the raw images of both rovers
Mars Ogler – Another browser for the raw images
HiRISE Image Catalog – High resolution images from orbit (also with an RSS-Feed)

Twitter Streams – Because it’s often much faster
Curiosity-Rover – NASA’s official account of the rover
Mars Rovers – Spirit and Opportunity’s account
• NASA JPL – Jet Propulsion Laboratory’s account
• Curiosity Log – A drive logbook of the rover
Universe Today – Announcements from the website
Emily Lakdawalla – Planetary Society Space Evangelist & Mars Writer

27.09.12 » Added HiRISE and Curiosity Raw Images Browser
03.10.12 » Added Mars Ogler
08.08.13 » English version posted, slightly updated & improved
26.06.14 » Cleaned up and improved 2014 version posted

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