23. December 2013

I’d like to wish all family, friends, regular readers, commenters and all other visitors Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas, A Happy New Year or any other holiday greetings you prefer! Myself, I like Happy Newtonmas because Isaac Newton was born on December 25th, but I’m very democratic in that respect.

At this time I usually write a longer retrospective article about what’s going on here on the websites, but I think I will skip it this year and just say that the last twelve months may not have been very productive from my angle, but it was still a blast. I’ve written lots of blog posts about a multitude of things here, posted several daily photos over on the Photography Blog and the only thing I didn’t really manage is write more movie and dvd reviews over on DVDLog, but since I’ve been busy everywhere else including Google+, I think that can be excused. Connecting to other people all over the world via social networks has been a lot of fun this year – especially the photographer and science communities on Google+ are amazing to say the least. Oh yes, and I’ve begun to switch my websites completely over from German to English, a process which has still not completely finished.

Instead of taking a complete break between the holidays, I’m only going to put DVDLog into a winter hiatus until February and keep on posting a few photos and collected galleries on the Photo Blog. I will also be sharing some of my Google+ Circles over the holidays which I will afterwards collect here in a blog posting sometime at the end of the week. In a more leisurely and relaxed time, there will also be new and updated version of my hangouts and podcasts recommendations with some special thanks to all the wonderful people who have been tirelessy creating amazing content all year.

So, have a nice and relaxing winter holiday, everyone – I’m going to be semi-around in the next few days and will be taking everything very easy.

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