Science & Astronomy
25. October 2013

This time I’m ready and won’t be surprised when the first podcast suddenly pops up! I’ve already noticed some weeks ago that Brian Cox’ and Robin Ince’s brilliant science-comedy radio show The Infinite Monkey Cage is going to return starting November 18th on BBC Radio 4 and, of course, after the broadcast as usual in shape of a podcast. No official word from the BBC as usual, but the news came from the Monkey Cage Twitter account and new episodes are already being recorded right now. And there are now 42 (yes, forty-two!) past episodes on the podcast archive site to download!

I can only highly recommend this show – Brian Cox and Robin ince are utterly funny and their guests are always fantastic. Besides, it’s even educational, despite most shows ending up somewhere completely different than they originally started – but that’s just the fun of it. As usual, major English listening skills and a healthy curiosity about science are required, but it’s actually quite easy to listen to. And, of course, if you like Brian Cox and/or Robin Ince, you’re in for a very special treat :-).

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