Science & Astronomy
27. June 2013

Now, what is he blabbering on about now, monkey cages? Well, it’s not my fault that Brian Cox and Robin Ince have called their science-comedy radio series on BBC4 The Infinite Monkey Cage, but since I’ve written about it in a (German-language) article about podcasts before, it’s only logical to mention that the new summer series of six episodes has already begun on Monday and is also available as a podcast on the BBC website.

The radio series has been going on for a few years and most of the back episodes, 37 at the moment are available from the podcast archive. Professor Brian Cox and comedian Robin Ince are talking with their amazing guests about a multitude of scientific themes, but sometimes the discussions end up in a completely different place they started on. It’s fun, it’s interesting and also very educational, but never boring. Advanced English listening skills are of course required,  but it’s very much worth it and the half-hour show has just the right length. So hop over to the podcast page, download the new episode or dive into the archives if you haven’t yet!

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