29. April 2013

To bring a little bit of variety into this website-blog-thingy, I’m going to break with one of my long-time principles not to embed video content: starting today, I’m going to post one music video every week for a new series called Music Monday. Being a little bit of a musician myself, I’ve wanted to do this for a long time and share some of my favourites. I’m not going to upload anything myself, but I’ve set some requirements: they have to be live performances or music videos, not only songs cobbled together with some photos – and of course they have to be playable here in Germany, which makes the search for good music especially difficult because the GEMA-Youtube fight still blocks lots of stuff. I’m mirroring the postings seperately on Google+ and Facebook with the videos directly embedded and a backlink to the blog posting.

The first entry for Music Monday was not on my long-prepared list, but actually came spontaneously. It’s From Me To You, a wonderful little song by the Australian singer and songwriter Meri Amber, whom I’ve recently encountered on Google+. She has a wonderful voice and her songs and videos, available on her Youtube Channel, are amazing, thoughtful, intelligent and funny. She’s also has a great new song called Some Of My Time on triple j unearthed which she is trying to get on radio – please go and vote for her!

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