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13. December 2016

When the Curiosity Rover arrived on Mars in 2012, I had put together a collection of useful links about the Mars missions, but I hadn’t updated it in a long time Recently, I got some questions about Mars on Google+ after posting one of the raw images from Curiosity and I think it’s time now for a revised edition of the link list so everyone can stay updated on their own. I originally started the list as a way provide all the information without having to write constantly about the Mars missions myself, something which others are doing much better. Nowadays I share all the space news on Google+ and specifically my Space and Astronomy Collection in addition to the WSH Crew Community. This is a completely redone edition of the link list, this time not only including NASA sites, but also the Mars missions from other agencies.

Official Websites 
Mars Science Laboratory @ JPL – The most important, always up-to-date site
Mars Science Laboratory @ NASA – NASAs Curiosity website with sometimes different content
Mars Exploration Rovers @ NASA – The main site of the older Spirit and Curiosity rovers
Mars Reconnaisance Orbiter @ NASA – MRO’s main website
Mars Odyssey @ NASA – The 2001 Mars Odyssey Orbiter
Mars Odyssey THEMIS @ ASU – The Thermal Emission Imaging System of Mars Odyssey
MAVEN @ NASA – The  Mars Atmosphere and Volatile EvolutioN Orbiter
ESA Mars Express – The European Mars Orbiter
ESA ExoMars Orbiter – The newest addition to the Mars orbiter fleet from ESA and Roscosmos
ISRO MOM – The Indian Mars Orbiter Mission’s site
NASA Main Page – Not only Mars news
NASA Television – Live stream of the current program
NASA Television @ Youtube – NASA TV’s Youtube channel

Raw Images & More – Here you can always get the latest unprocessed images from Mars
MSL Curiosity Raw Images – Curiosity’s raw images
MER Opportunity Raw Images – Opportunity’s raw images
MER Spirit Raw Images – The Spirit image archive
Curiosity Rover Images – A better overview of the Curiosity raw images
Mars Ogler – Another Curiosity raw image browser
• Midnight Planets – A simple, but effective website with raw images of both rovers
Mars Webcam – ESA’s repurposed low-resolution webcam on Mars Express
ESA Mars Express HRSC Press Releases – Images from the Mars Express Mission
HiRISE Image Catalog – High resolution images from MRO

Twitter Streams
Curiosity Rover – NASA’s official MSL Twitter
Mars Rovers – Spirit and Opportunity’s account
• Curiosity Log – An (unofficial) drive logbook of Curiosity
MRO HiRISE – The official Mars Reconnaissance HiRISE account
MAVEN – NASA’s official MAVEN Twitter
ESA Mars Webcam – Daily shots from the Mars Express camera
ESA ExoMars Orbiter – The ExoMars TGO Orbiter’s stream
ESA ExoMars CaSSIS – Images from the ExoMars cameras
ISRO Mars Orbiter Mission – ISRO’s MOM account is sadly inactive right now

14.12.16 » Updated with Odyssey, MAVEN and more links thanks to +Olaf Prause on the Google+ Post
13.12.16 » New 2016 version
27.09.12 » Added HiRISE and Curiosity Raw Images Browser
03.10.12 » Added Mars Ogler
08.08.13 » English version posted, slightly updated & improved
26.06.14 » Cleaned up and improved 2014 version posted

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