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4. April 2015

Well, that was fast. It feels like Christmas was just last week and now suddenly it’s Easter again – how did that happen? It doesn’t help much that Easter is very early this year and the weather has been less like early spring and more like late winter, so it really doesn’t feel like the season with the eggs and the bunnies! But at least it’s not as bad as 2013 when we actually had snow on Good Friday. I hope everyone’s having a nice Easter holiday weekend – this year, I don’t have much of a program except some recycled content and some pretty pictures, but I’d still I’d like to wish everyone a nice Easter holiday! This post is just a little roundup of what I’ve been doing lately on the web – so what has everybody else been up to?

The Blog (this thing here, still without a proper name) has been my central go-to website for everything related to science and astronomy, spaceflight, computer and electronics and other things that don’t fit on the other websites. The last big article was a review of my first smartphone I bought only a couple of weeks ago and while there may be some gaps between updates, I’m still maintaining the Hangout Schedule Index, which now resides on its own page. I’ve also become more involved in the WSH Crew Google+ Community supporting not only Fraser Cain‘s Weekly Space Hangout, but also CosmoQuest and many other hangouts and projects. The next big event will be the CosmoQuest 2015 Hangoutathon fundraiser, which I will promote the heck out of here and everywhere else I can starting next week!

Over on DVDLog, I have absolutely nothing new at the moment – my last review, apart from three sad obituaries in a row, was a translation of the first season of Futurama, a series which I hope to continue soon. For Easter, I’m pulling out some sheep from the archives since I have totally neglected to prepare something for the holiday – even the bunny I borrowed from Wallace & Gromit: Curse of the Were-Rabbitt has not reminded me of finally translating those Aardman reviews. Hopefully I’ll get back into the writing groove soon.

The Photography Blog, which I finally renamed to GB Photography last year, is where I’m most active at the moment, posting at least four or sometimes more photos a day and having a lot of fun interacting via Google+ with other photographers all over the world. As usual, I’m still posting flowers and other nature shots interspersed with the still quite popular City Views series and some other things that just randomly come up. Having bought a new camera in November has really brought back the fun with photography for me and while there has not been much of a chance to give the camera a good workout outside due to the unusually cold and partly lousy weather, I was still able to get some wonderful new photos.

So, this was another Easter roundup – again not much, but at least a little. Have a nice Easter, everybody! As usual, you can follow my web exploits on Google+, Facebook, Twitter and sometimes maybe even Instagram, although I’d recommend Google+ if you want to interact with me because I’m more active there than on the other networks.

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