19. July 2014

I’m not complaining about the weather, but don’t expect anything major coming from me in the next days. I know, 33°C is not really that hot compared to what other countries have to endure, but it’s still enough for us, thank you very much. At least it’s not humid, but we North European softies are just not used to these temperatures because they don’t happen all that often around here. So we do actually moan and complain about the weather,  but only a little bit. Don’t be fooled by the rather silly media labeling it as another dangerous heatwave – if people are not clever enough to keep their houses and apartments cool, you can’t really help them. We also don’t have air conditioning and still managed to keep the inside temperature at about 25°C.

The heat still melts your brain, though – this post is the most you can get out of me in the next few days! But I will continue posting the usual photos over on the Photography Blog (which I finally gave a temporary name in the blog header!) and I also updated the English language review index over on DVDLog, so I haven’t been as lazy as it seems :-).

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