25. December 2013

I was debating about posting this, but since +Scott Lewis has already shared another version of the song, which is sadly blocked here in Germany, over on Google+, I’ll just do it too with an alternate working link. I think White Wine in the Sun is one of the greatest modern Christmas songs ever written and expresses my feelings about the season perfectly. I know that Tim Minchin can be pretty caustic when it comes to Religion, but this is definitely not one of those songs! This video is a fan-recorded version from the end of Brian Cox’ and Robin Ince’s Uncaged Monkeys live show from 2011 at the Brighton Dome and features Professor Brian Cox at the piano and Tim Minchin on guitar and vocals.

If you’re still here at this point, you can also watch one of my other favourite Christmas songs called Woody Allen Jesus, also from Tim Minchin. This one actually caused a lot of controversy when exactly this performance on the Jonathan Ross Show was cut out at the last minute out of the TV broadcast by the ITV bosses in 2011. Tim Minchin himself uploaded it onto his own Youtube account, this upload is just one with a corrected aspect ratio. There are other performances around, but I think this original is the best and freshest one.

And maybe something more traditional in closing: Pamela Gay in her alter ego persona Pamela Quevillon has recorded a wonderful reading of a less known Charles Dickens story called The Christmas Tree. And with this I wish everyone Happy Holidays again!

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