3. August 2013

Holy cow, that was a bit too much summer yesterday! I can take a dry heat of 30°C, but the nearly 35°C were really exhausting – and that was not even the highest temperature here in NRW! Yes, I know that in other parts of the world it’s even hotter, but we northern Europeans are comparative softies when it comes to high temperatures. 30°C is really hot, everything more is extremely uncomfortable and sometimes even dangerous, because air conditioning is very uncommon around here and we are just not used to these high temperatures. But with only a bit of effort you can keep your flat reasonably cool as you can see, so I mostly kept inside yesterday. Today it’s about 8-9 degrees cooler than yesterday outside, so we can live again instead of just suffer along.

So, I survived the hottest day of 2013 (yet?), but all I got was a sweaty t-shirt! Maybe I’m babbling here, but yesterdays heat didn’t melt my brain completely thanks to the cooler indoor temperatures. I even got a little bit productive in the writing department, but just in case I put DVDLog on a summer hiatus yesterday and about the only thing I’m capable of at the moment are the daily postings over on the Photography Blog. And of course, on the hottest day of the year, a new version of WordPress comes out and I have to upgrade all the websites… but only after I’ve recovered a bit. This posting is basically just there to say I’m still alive and while not kicking bottom, at least I’m somewhat present. I have some fresh plans and ideas and as soon as I get my groove back, I’ll start working on the websites again.

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