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13. May 2013

Later today, a group of three astronauts returns from the International Space Station, among them the amazing multi-talented Chris Hadfield, who has shared his experience in space through tweets and posts with photography, video and even music for the last six months. As a goodbye present, last night a wonderful music video of David Bowie’s Space Oddity was posted on Youtube with Chris Hadfield on vocals and guitar – and with video entirely shot on the space station! I actually had chosen something completely different for Music Monday, but I simply can’t resist posting this even if it’s already all over the web by now. Words fail me how completely and utterly amazing this is – it’s like real-life science fiction!

[Update 14.05.: The spacemen are safely back on earth! The NASA already has a great video summary from hatch closure to landing up on Youtube. News articles are all over the place, so I think I don’t need to write a seperate article. I may post something about the importance of Chris Hadfield’s phenomenal outreach work later or in the next days, though.]

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